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How to write alphabet B in NC Codes

cnc letter writing

I have compiled some G Codes to write letter B , listed below

How to write letter A using G Codes

letter A using g codes

Hi There,

I have listed some G Codes to write letter A in any CNC or Engraving machine

G17 G64 P0.003 M3 S3000 M7
F127.0 ( Set Feed Rate )
G0 Z6.350
G0 Z6.350
G0 Z6.350
G0 X0.000 Y0.000
G1 Z-0.127
G1 X16.849 Y50.546
G1 X33.697 Y0.000
G0 Z6.350
G0 X29.017 Y14.041
G1 Z-0.127
G1 X4.680 Y14.041
G0 Z6.350
M5 M9 M2

Assuming the test height 10 mm. This is a part of my project on our CNC Engraving machine

Main difference between G codes and M Codes in CNC

g codes m codes difference

G Codes and M Codes are the most frequent used commands in any CNC Program.

G Codes can be considered as Preparatory commands for the Machine, For example, plane selection - we can use the G Codes to select the tool travel plane (G17 can be used to select the tool travel plane XY - for other planes please see below).

G Codes can set/prepare your machine before any cutting/milling or any other operations.

Some commonly used G Codes are given below,


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